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Welcome to sma tag

Sma Tag Group is a leading group in the fields of design, development, digital marketing, information technology and consulting. Since 2013, we have been keen to provide high-quality solutions via the Internet and social media, your goals. An integrated set of innovative solutions, starting with the first and best integrated solutions, to assist you in expanding the scope of needs in your field of work


We help you to go Online!

Online Stores

It provides you with products that provide integrated services, which gives you access to the largest number of products that are offered, which makes you progress, advance, provide you with our services, and our science, and then provide you with integrated products.

Web Design

We at Sma Tag Web Design Group are pleased to help you achieve your goal. We provide distinct and professional website design services that serve the main purpose of the site and provide you with the latest services and ideas that may help create a strong and professional website

Mobile Applications

We at Sma Tag Group are pleased to create a mobile application that suits your requirements and special needs. It is a bit difficult. We at Sama Tag Group are pleased to take this matter upon us, as we have a highly skilled team that will translate your ideas into a vivid and attractive picture in the form of a distinctive and unique application.

Websites Maintenance

Sma Taq offers its customers comprehensive website maintenance contracts that cover a wide range of modifications, upgrades and maintenance services. Text changes, image modifications, graphics changes, etc. are just the basic things covered by our services, we are also considering adding the necessary scripts or applications, in addition to providing free consultations to increase efficiency and performance.


We at Sma Tag Group provided you with a storage unit, so you save your capital that you have allocated for sales and marketing by reducing the costs of building or renting a warehouse for your products. Our equipped warehouses provide you with solutions to control your inventory and provide you with reports, which contributes to predicting stock levels, in order to save your capital and spend it in the right place.


Marketing advisory services are considered a major matter for the success of the company and ensuring its presence in the competition as it is the paving ground for the road and the guide to choosing the best marketing methods and methods suitable for business. It also provides services of the optimal marketing policies, plans and strategies for the products and the company, so it is the basis of success for any business project, so Sama Taq Group provides You have 100% successful marketing studies and consultations, and qualify you with all the tools available with you to help you succeed

Feasibility studies

We atSama Tag Group ensure that your business idea becomes a profitable reality through extensive research on market needs and the most appropriate strategies, and thus by presenting our professionally designed study that is conducted after lengthy research to predict financial efficiency, evaluate your business plan as well as present the expected results to the market. Current over 5 years. The team at Dyam has extensive experience in evaluating, presenting and analyzing the economic, technical and financial feasibility and feasibility of the project for private and public sector clients and helping our clients to obtain the best division of capital by including our recommendations and directives

Market & Competitors Analysis

Because Sma Tag Group knows the importance of market analyzes and competitors, the abundance of market analyzes and competitors for you, because knowing, understanding, studying and analyzing competitors in the market is a crucial step in designing and preparing a successful marketing strategy. If you are not aware of your competitor and its strengths and weaknesses, it is possible that another company can enter the arena and offer a competitive advantage, such as offering products at lower prices or advantages of additional value. Studying your competitors and staying informed of their products and services is the key to maintaining competition in the market, which is important for the survival of any business, so Sama Taq Group provides you with market analyzes and competitors in order to help you in permanent leadership and continuous success.


Sma Tag Group provides a celebrity marketing plan and a joint agreement with the largest trusted accounts and celebrity accounts to promote and advertise your services, products and electronic stores.

Content Writing

Sma Tag Group provides its customers with a content writing service to suit different types of marketing tools and materials, such as content flyers, business brochure content, website content development and social media content in addition to other marketing materials. Because we believe that "content" is "king." We believe writing good content will directly increase customer numbers and brand loyalty. Providing our customers with the most effective website content management services is our goal.

Social Media Management

Sma Tag Group creates effective content for all of your platforms and creates attractive and innovative designs that simulate the content and do not forget that Sama Tag Group is interested in responding to customers and their inquiries as quickly as possible in the best possible way that suits the nature of the customer to give him the best impression of your service and your brand.

Manage Online Content

We at Sma Tag Group provide modern tools and advanced solutions that keep pace with technical progress around the world to help you develop and succeed in your emerging and existing projects. Under various names. Especially since all of these systems went to cloud computing and were linked to social media in one way or another and support electronic services of all kinds, such as e-government, e-commerce and the media industry.

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