Abaq Factory is considered a commercial register No. 1010618359 Industrial License No. 4160016217 is the leading national factory in the field of perfumes, cosmetics and skin care, where Abaq factory works permanently and continuously to achieve market requirements and keep abreast of developments and developments in its field to meet the needs of its customers, bearing in mind that this is the way from During it, it establishes a niche among its clients.

Believing from the factory in the importance of its customers and the need to meet their needs and desires, Abaq Factory was keen to serve its customers through its main activities, which are:
Oud and oriental perfumes
The Abaq factory has many employees from different cultures who strive to meet the needs and desires of consumers

Unique Products

Why Abaq Factory?

Manufacturing stages for clients

From selection to delivery

  • 01

    Choose the chemical composition and the percentage of alcohol concentration

  • 02

    Agreement on the shape of the bottle, the cap and the external appearance of the product

  • 03

    Choose the appropriate quantities for the customer

  • 04

    The manufacturing process is confirmed by the customer by agreeing to the contract and clause

  • 05

    Create an invoice with a down payment of 50%

  • 06

    Issuing relevant legal licenses

  • 07

    Create a GS1 global barcode for each product

  • 08

    The order of the start of production and manufacturing

  • 09

    Manufacture all required quantity

  • 10

    Create an invoice that includes the rest of the manufacturing cost

  • 11

    Deliver the product to the customer

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